MARS medical equipment company service after the sale.

MARS Co. products include service after the sale and performing these services is performed exclusively by MARS Co.
Customers can call the phone number printed on the warranty card and benefit from the services providing the warranty card.

Warranty terms and conditions

MARS products are sorted in 3 categories including "Silver" (product change for 3 months and product repair for 9 months), "Gold" (product change and repair for 6 months) and "Diamond" (product change and repair for 1 year).

Warranty cards without serial number, installation date, stamp and hologram label are not valid.
Only the products mentioned in the warranty card are eligible.
Free warranty services including repair and product service include free replacement of the parts and service fees.
Providing services are only applicable at the address mentioned in the warranty card.
Maximum validity of the warranty is subject to ke type of warranty card.
It's recommended to tape the warranty card on the product to have full benefit from services.
During providing services any and all transportation and postal expenses are payable by the customer.
The warranty card isn't transferable to another person.
Damaged warranty cards are not valid.
A second copy of the warranty card will not be issued.

Warranty services are not applicable for the following parts:

  • Adapter/Charger
  • Body
  • Filter
  • Bateries

Warranty card will not be valid under these circumstances:

Damages cause by transportation, electricity current oscillations, fire burn, lightning, natural disasters, impact, misuse or not operating the device as explained in the product's user manual.
Products that have been tampered with or being serviced by anyone other than MARS qualified specialists.
Adding or amplifying battery or chargers.

Product Warranty type
BBSB Canulas Diamond
Microneedle Pen Silver
Smoke Evacuator Diamond
Wood's Lamp Silver
LED Therapy Silver
Dr. Graf Cradle Gold
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