tier 4 visa extension new rules 2021
The UK and EU transition Take action now for new rules in 2021. International students at British universities fear the government’s plan to offer two-year post-study work visas to future students could leave them worse off if the extra time is not given to them too. There will be new safeguarding requirements for universities if you are under 18. Information about the UK government’s two to three year graduate work visa for international students with a visa under Tier 4 or the new student visa route. The hostile environment has to end some time and this is a welcome first step. “Both my degrees focused on UK/EU relations and I got a distinction for my dissertation, which was on Brexit. This increase will come into effect in 2021. Most Tier 4 visas have an extra 4 months after the formal course end date -- what the Home Office calls the "post-study period" -- so this gives most people 7 months to obtain a CoS and make a Tier 2 application. The Tier 4 Student system was rebranded on 5 October to become the Student Route. “I’ve been applying for jobs since I came to this country. But I’m still trying. The Guardian spoke to current international students about their concerns: Umair, from Pakistan, recently graduated from a university in the Midlands with a master’s in IT security. Please see, have not previously been granted a visa under the graduate immigration route; AND, have permission from your financial sponsor (only if your financial sponsor was a government sponsor), complete identity, criminality and security checks, pay an application fee and an Immigration Health Surcharge payment. When I got back to America, I was depressed and suicidal. I feel my qualifications could be useful to British employers as the country prepares to leave the EU. The route is for students who will complete a degree in or after the summer of 2021 and who hold a Tier 4 or Student visa at the time they apply. It is essentially similar to the previous Tier 4 system but with EU/EEA and Swiss nationals able to apply for a Student visa if they are starting on or after 1 January 2021 and do not have (or are not eligible to apply for) pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme. I became involved in politics specifically to change this. This visa has replaced the Tier 4 (General) student visa. “The current four-month bracket for students is a mere formality and a bureaucratic way of saying, ‘get the degree and go back home’, because companies want someone they can hire without hassle. But I want to point out that it would benefit the government to extend the deadline for current students, too. But I sent over 100 applications and companies told me it was too risky to hire foreigners. I’m happy new students will have the opportunity to stay longer. The Tier 4 Pilot Scheme will close when this new system goes live. “We’ve been told the extension applies to students graduating in 2021 and after and it’s unclear whether it will apply to those graduating in 2020. I’m happy new students will have the opportunity to stay longer. Tier 4 visa extension rule 2020-2021 : Please visit Home Office Website for more updated details The new rule means that the students will now able to apply for an extension in the UK as normal. If it doesn’t apply to those of us graduating then, I worry employers will wait a year to hire international students so they don’t need to deal with the hassle of sponsoring visas. New Student route - Due to major changes in student immigration rules from 5 October 2020 with the introduction of the new Student route, ... You may need to extend your Tier 4 visa in order to give you more time in the UK to complete your programme. We are very dedicated and work hard. Jessica Martins, from Brazil, has just handed in her dissertation for her master’s in corporate communications, marketing and public relations at the University of Leeds. A number of studies have shown that many British businesses are completely unprepared for the impact that strict UK visa and immigration rules will have on their ability to hire workers from within the European Economic Area (EEA). The petition states: “There are thousands of international students currently studying in the UK and gaining valuable skills. Foreign students will be offered a two year work visa after graduating from a British university in 2021. But students currently enrolled will miss out, Last modified on Tue 23 Jun 2020 17.02 BST. Over 16,000 people have already signed a petition calling on the government to extend the new visa rules to international students currently studying in the UK. Therefore, students considering their options under the existing immigration rules may wish to ensure that they file their visa application before the new route is expected to be implemented. The current four months isn’t long enough and puts enormous pressure on people. And so extending the post-study work visa is one good step, but it’s not the end for international students.”. This article was amended on 23 June 2020 to remove some personal information. Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme: For students who have nearly completed their PhD and want to remain in the UK for a further 12 months to work, look for work or set up a business : Yes, from the University: 12 months from your expected course completion date: Yes (applicants cannot apply from outside the UK) A CAS issued by the University. I ended up on the floor of Gatwick, sobbing. She was forced to leave the UK four months later after being unable to find work before the deadline. The UK Government have announced a new Graduate Immigration Route, which will be launched in summer 2021. “I’d like to stay in the UK but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. Study must be undertaken in the UK, with a concession only for people who have been distance learning outside the UK due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Laura*, from the US, graduated from King’s College, London with a master’s in European politics in 2018. The maintenance amount will be increased to £1023 per month for demonstrating that you meet the financial requirements as part of the visa application. There is currently limited information about the new graduate work visa but we will update this page as soon we know more. Her visa is due to run out in January. In that sense I think current students like me could now be worse off than before the announcement was made. It’s been a difficult and disappointing experience. There is one scenario in which this change does not benefit you. There’s no certainty around the settlement scheme, EU funding, or the future of Erasmus after Brexit. If the UK government has decided to let international students stay longer, why wait a couple of years to implement it?”. Riddi Viswanathan, from India, is a former international student and International Student Officer at the University of Manchester and now works for the university. “Since the current students do not have the post-study work visa for two years and [need] sponsorship from an employer, it will be difficult for them to get a job. It’s all so confusing. New UK visa rules are set to come into effect on 1 January 2021 when free movement of EU citizens to the UK, comes to an end. The government and UKCISA webpages provide up to date information on the new Graduate Immigration Route. have a valid Tier 4 Visa or a visa under the, have successfully completed a degree at undergraduate level or above; and, graduate in the summer of 2021 or after; and. Tuition fees, already high for international students, could rise further for those from the EU.


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