pictures of wasps
Can you help with any ideas? There are photos of all three of these species in this gallery. It was about 2 1/2 inches long. Paige - I don't really now how you can get rid of the wasps. I vacummed it up because i figured if I got stung i would be in trouble. HELP! The colors look just like the Carpenter bees. We saw a very large black wasp-like insect. I don't know which ones you would have in your area. hi bev, I live in North Carolina and have some flowering ground cover which attracts a certain species that I cannot identify it may be a bee it has two sets of wings one small one big black with yellow head and black furry torso if you can send me email address i will send photo. Here in PA we have late summer Cicada Killer Wasps do you have any cool photos of those? All I can say is BE CAREFUL! there are very large (2 inch) hornets that are flying around. Some types of insects like to nest in the lawn. Seems to hover and fly slowly, had the body separation normal of a hornet but just seems VERY large for a hornet. I've seen giant hornets in the Catskills that dwarf anything else I've found on the web. -- bev. The behavior is very agressive. I have pictures of one. The last time we had a Yellowjacket nest in our garden, we just stayed away from it and eventually a skunk dug it up and put a hasty end to the wasps. There are a lot of insects that make egg cases or that pupate inside rolled leaves, to it's difficult to say just what it might be. Thank you I hope you can help. Hi! They are at least 1.5 inches long. Perhaps an in-ground nest getting flooded. I sometimes capture wasps that have come indoors and are on our windows by putting a glass over them and then sliding cardboard in between the glass and the window. We have had a couple of instances of wasps building paper nests under our back porch and if you came too close, one would always zoom out and fly after you. They are actually moths, which normally can only be out at night to avoid being eaten by birds, but cuz they look and sound like either a hummingbird or a hornet, they can be out in the daytime, feeding off of flowers and not disturbed by birds. Neither ant nor bee, the interesting insects that we call wasps appear to be a combination of both. Me, too. A distinguishing feature is that they have antennae which appeared clubbed at the ends. It kills tarantulas. I wouldn't really want something like that up in my attic! Home and garden interests, along with enthusiasm for the natural biological control work wasps provide on a global basis explains much of the wasp’s popularity. Do you have any info on this? When i came back, they were swarmed on the trimmers, trying to attack it and make it stop running. Wasps create nests and often build them near human structures. I am looking to identify this think. well i walked over and saw something that looked like a huge hornet or yellow jacket, I still can't believe what I saw, I can't see a picture that exactly describes what I saw but I do know it was about 1 inch long it had a stinger that was a half inch and it had black and yellow stripes.its wings were set out to the side not laying back, almost like a dragonfly, and its body was an even thickness it didnt vary at all. Any help on identifying this hornet and whether or not it would attack would be beneficial. Some are black and yellow, while others have a reddish or dark brown hue. Rassembler, sélectionner et commenter vos fichiers. Jane - It's not unusual for insects to have an antenna knocked off through some mishap. I can think of a few wasps that do hunt for prey - There's the Blackjacket Wast (Vespula consobrina) and also the Bald-Faced Hornet (Dolichovespula maculata). They are large ( appx. But it is only mostly black and it has some orange on the bottom and the legs are bright orange. Brown and yellow stripes. We have what I believe to be Cicada-Killer Wasps that have set up home about one foot away from the bottom step comming down from our porch. It flies at least 15 feet high. YO SIGHT WAS KNO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One landed on my arm and bit immediately. They only seem to be out after a heavy rain. I live in NC. It is yellow across the top of the back and black on the bottom. How can I rid these things from my shrubs? I live in Maryland, but I've seen them in Virginia too. Wings were similar in color to the Great black wasp. Repeat two or three times, more if the nest is very large. It had bright green eyes. It also has two, what look like pinchers at the mouth region and a long stinger. That autumn, after there was no activity around the nest, we removed the nest and disposed of it. Could be one of the species knows as Cicada Killer wasps. I had never heard of the Blackjacket before this encounter. We have seen this giant in two consecutive years. It was digging a hole in the ground.


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