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I loved Leigh revealing her own vulnerability too. She has interviewed every living Australian prime minister and many world leaders and celebrities, including Hillary Clinton[7], the Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Sir Paul McCartney, Patti Smith, and Salman Rushdie. It's a thoughtful and moving book, but it didn't really sweep me along with it the way I was hoping it would. And yes, the stories were hard to listen to, made me catch my breath, broke my heart but overall it made me feel uplifted & amazed at how strong & resilient humans are. She feels familiar & trustworthy. I read it quickly, in three sittings. The main thing the author illustrates is how modern journalism is less than useless in the way it chases after the latest shiny thing and tries to make up controversy. [8] The book covers Hicks' case as well as a detailed explanation of the Bush administration's detainee policy in the War on Terror[9] and the Australian government's cooperation. The resilience, self-awareness and even humour exhibited by these previously “ordinary people” is quite amazing. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published In this book she talks candidly to survivors and relatives of victims about what it is like to go through a horrific event, the effect of the media response and what it takes to rebuild their lives. All turned out well in the end for both of them, but the traumatic experience made her think about how people handle severely traumatic events on the worst day of their life and move on. I'm a clinical psychologist and one of my dear clients who I'd already been seeing for several months suffered a sudden, and unbearably tragic loss. [10] It examines the way people adapt to life-changing blindsides, drawing on Sales' personal experience as well as her years covering high-profile news events that drastically changed people's lives. The book revisits the traumatic event experiences by the people involved but does not dwell on it. What do. This book investigates the devastating effects that these out-of-the-blue events have on ordinary people’s lives, and how they learned to accept and move on from these type of unexpected acc. It was. Sales interviews a handful of people who have suffered high profile tragedies about how they coped with the trauma, loss and attention they went through. She lays herself open on the few occasions she feels ashamed by her own behaviour as a journalist at the sharp end of satisfying the public’s desire for salacious detail and intrusive footage. [5] Sales joined the ABC Brisbane in 1995.[3]. I found it a very powerful book and oddly comforting. It was much less about the people whose stories it was supposed to be sharing and more about the author’s experience of those stories. Leigh Sales is a well-known journalist here in Australia and she's received many awards for her contributions to journalism and her work on the ABC. Most of us go through our day with a sense of invincibility. the most sensitive and honourable gut punch I've experienced. Leigh interviews those who have been faced with some of the most incomprehensible loss or those who have overcome major traumatic events, she does so with a practical approach but always with compassion and kindness. And when the worst does happen, what comes next? Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Winner  •  2019  •  Walkley Book Award, Shortlisted  •  2019  •  Indie Book Awards, Longlisted  •  2019  •  Walkley Book Award. [4], Sales was born in Brisbane and attended Aspley State High School in that city. I loved this book so much. Warm, candid and empathetic, this bookis about what happens when ordinary people, on ordinary days, are forced to suddenly find the resilience most of us don’t know we have. As the anchor of the ABC’s flagship current affairs program, 7.30,she has interviewed dozens of world leaders and celebrities, including Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney, Patti Smith, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio and Julie Andrews.


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