kentucky colonel list of members
Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (February/March 2001). [9] In 2019 the organization made grants to 265 organizations in the state in excess of 2.1 million dollars. Kentucky Colonels International members naturally want to know how their peers have come to be colonels, it is something that exists naturally among members of "fraternal orders" which in reality represents traditional ideals resulting in common fraternity and mutual cooperation potential. (Today's colonels are not required to perform such service.) This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 22:12. I just wish to find out if the following is true: ‘In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, commissioned Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Governor’s Staff and his honorary aides-de-camp, and as such are entitled to the style of ‘Honorable’ as indicated on their commission certificates. [32] In 2009, the organization reappeared on Facebook as a non-state decentralized civil society organization which lists, networks, promotes and connects various organizations, international chapters, and online groups that have been developed and identified in the sphere of the Internet and the social media. The Governor of Kentucky bestows the honor of a colonel's commission, by issuance of letters patent. Wilkes of Paducah, Kentucky. The foundation is a membership organization that was originally formed in 1998 and was active online until 2001. A list of Kentucky Colonels is a Who's Who of outstanding men and women around the world. Although there are no specific duties required of those to whom the title is granted, Kentucky colonels often serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky as informal goodwill ambassadors for promoting the traditions, culture, and customs of the state. The certificate, signed by the Governor and the Secretary of State and bearing the Great Seal of Kentucky, has hung on the walls of such distinguished leaders as President Lyndon B. Johnson and English Prime Minister Winston Churchill. [25], An early example of charitable activities organized by the charitable organization was relief efforts for the Ohio River flood of 1937, which had a devastating effect on northern Kentucky and other states along the Ohio River. Phyllis Diller 12. Another example of use of the Kentucky colonel title in business marketing is seen in the ongoing historic association between Kentucky and bourbon whiskey production. Greetings! Due to the substantial savings in labor to produce the new certificates, the Secretary of State's office proceeded with the changes.


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