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Overall she was short, snarky and rude with ever reasonable question asked. ", Cons: "The Frontier flight was a rip-off. The carry on bag is $45! © 2020 Expedia, Inc, an Expedia Group Company. ", Cons: "On the run way for 1 hour in line to take off", Pros: "Crew on board are great." Cons: "Entertainment system on this A330 did not work for the entire flight. Furthermore, they charge you for seats and extra bags. ", Pros: "Very nice flight from boarding through flight to landinding. The dinner was regular, but breakfast was terrible. This was a customer service fail. All rights reserved. Could have done with some better customer service. Cons: "Delay from Miami to Atlanta", Pros: "Only thing i liked is That we didnt crash" At this time, Cheapflights has noticed price decreases for many domestic flights due to COVID-19. It appears this is typical for Frontier. I never booked this flight. Enter your return date in this format: {0}. Pre-flight testing for symptoms and antibodies, alongside socially distanced seating (for a limited time) will work towards keeping travelers safer while flying from Jacksonville Albert J Ellis to Miami. For more information, please view our post on what to know about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and travel. So, if you are trying to save a bit of cash on your next holiday look for flights on that day. All that was great of them I was aware of being in an upgraded seat. Enter your departure date in this format: {0}. They cancelled flight section and took it out of my itinerary. During the flight, the cabin temperature dropped to low 60s and everyone was freezing. Please complete the highlighted origin field below. Expedia, Inc. is not responsible for content on external Web sites. When one of4 remained lost they did not help at all! Expect to spend just over an hour in the sky as you fly from Jacksonville to Miami. No warning was given about this. List the entire ticket! Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. Further they were tellin me I couldn't get in my flight and have my luggage go later, but I understand because of security reasons. The flight status was changed 7 times. ", Pros: "Flight was on time and boarding was orderly." Aeroporto Internacional de Miami (Miami, Flórida). The deal I thought I had was not a deal. Cons: "Sandwiched between 2 big guys 1 of which should be made to buy 2 seats!!!!!!! American Airlines currently holds the quickest travel time with one hour and 13 minutes. ", Pros: "Got us there on time. Except for one friendly person at check-in kiosk, bad service overall. ", Cons: "After checking in the night before, we arrived at the gate only to be told the flight was overbooked. Please adjust the number of travellers for your search. ", Pros: "The design of the seats" ", Cons: "Flight was an hour delayed. She said there wasn't any other seats to assign us on the coach level. ", Pros: "No entertainment. The back-and-forth was frustrating. Some of the carriers operating flights from Jacksonville Albert J Ellis to Miami that may be offering flexible cancellation policies are American Airlines and Delta. Cons: "They even charge for soft drinks. ", Pros: "Fast and efficient. ", Pros: "Attendants were ok" Therefore, doing so took a little long than expected. Cons: "Liked everything", Pros: "Plane is great. Cons: "Delta cancelled direct flight and we ended up standby on two flights, getting into NYC much later. Quero receber ótimas ofertas para lugares legais saindo de: Destinos principais saindo de: Jacksonville, Miami: principais ofertas de companhias aéreas. ", Pros: "Crew was awesome. ", Pros: "boarding was fast and efficient" I had paid airport prices for water to bring onto the plane and then had to surrender it at the gate. You can find them by using the search filters, which make it easy to locate the size, type, capacity and features of the vehicle that is best suited to your travel plans. ", Cons: "The flight was delayed. But, what can one do without paying to upgrade? [Book now.](https://www.expedia.com/lp/flights/jax/mia/jacksonville-to-miami?rfrr=BEXondUSfaq2). My partner and I could not sit together on any of these flights! Cons: "Older plane than on the way to Paris, did not like so much the food (except main course)", Pros: "Niçoise salad was great. She said there wasn't any other seats to assign us on the coach level. Miami está a 9 km do Aeroporto Internacional de Miami (Miami, Flórida). ", Pros: "Not much" They do not tell you which group is boarding and then turn you away if you are not in the correct group. Lima airport takes a long time to go through all the checkpoints. ", Pros: "The flight attendants were nice, unlike the people at the ticket and gate counters." ", Pros: "Courteous crew" Then later I asked what gate we were coming in on and her reply was "the capt just said it". We recommend booking at least 28 days in advance, which can save you up to 33% on flights from Jacksonville to Miami compared to booking the week you need them. Cons: "The lady at the counter was rude. ", Pros: "I received prior notice of the flight's delays dead able to adjust my schedule. You can only access your trip information and Expedia Rewards points from the Expedia site you booked on. ", Pros: "Originally on American. ", Pros: "The crew was nice. I was going to miss my flight for 1 min time restraint. This email has already been used to sign up with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES. Cons: "Delay on flight departure Bagage lost - three suitcases with all my clothes for the travel. The baggage fees are way too high. ", Pros: "Not much" Airport to Miami Intl. Cons: "Food options", Cons: "Faster lines at check-in. This will continue over the next 12 days. Very poor food selection, even if you paid for it. Enter your departure date in this format: {0}. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Miami from Jacksonville up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. Cons: "NA", Pros: "Excellent service, amazed that on flight attendant was capable of serving everyone on the flight." check in luggage $40?! ", Pros: "Customer service does not exist.i iwill never fly again with you or any of your affiliates. The flight attendant did not seem to think that it was a big deal and took his time attending to the sick passenger and relocating me. My 9 am flight had to rebooked to 5:20 pm. Cons: "This airline is terrible - the seats are supremely uncomfortable and they charge for everything - even to carry on a bag! ", Cons: "My screen did not work the entire flight and after asking repeatedly about it nothing was done. The departing dates must occur after the previous departing date. Cons: "Flight delayed Quite a bit. Masks are provided and are mandatory while on board. And if it didn’t to hope it can on another flight before I hopefully actually get on a flight for Rio. Very cramped for 5 hour flight. Cons: "The staff did not work they sat in the back of the plane the whole time talking about other employees captains and how dissatisfied they are with the shifts that they work etc. Staff was cold and rude with no apologies. I never booked this flight. This is sloppiness. Cons: "I hated that the seats didn't recline at all. one hou rextra wait. No snow. They don't give u water or nothing and personnel are not nice", Pros: "Boarding was great." If we buy tickets from your website and you own the process, you should be more helpful when there are problems. Maybe . Worst Delta flight to date. Your length of stay cannot be longer than {0} nights. ", Cons: "The departure was late. And not like go to the carousel when you de-board check your bag( which I would prefer)... Get off the plane and wait in the vestibule with everyone else who had to check their bags for your luggage to be retrieved from the plane and brought up to the vestibule.. Cons: "At the Lima gate they made each passenger open their carryon and submit to a secondary inspection to confiscate all water we bought past security.


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