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The P416 is one of the most stable weapons in the game. Grab the Tac 16 from the clan vendor, it's got max AR damage on it, stick it in your library and mod it. Whilst the AR is stable, I can use mod slots I would have devoted to Stability to add CHC I think 22% more CHC. Along the way, make sure to find the SHD caches in the Financial District, Battery Park, and the Civic Center. ... talent IMO isn't worth using anyway and you can get stability to be good enough just by sacrificing damage mods on the rifle and using a damage talent instead in some cases. Question. I never use LMG's...until now! when I last played, the famas 2000 was king. -…, MY THOUGHTS ON THE DPS GLITCHES Currently running black market M60 and pyromaniac with fire chem launcher. I would say LVOA-C, M4, Bullfrog, Urban MDR are the best. Assault rifles in The Division 2 are known for their stability and high RPMs that make them reliable weapons in fire fight. I like it! THE DIVISION 2 – TOP 5 BEST ASSAULT RIFLES IN TU8! I would I need stability when it can't do much damage from afar? Confirmed on Reddit through data mining, you can receive the Bullet King by completing Riker Missions. Any AR that needs the talent IMO isn't worth using anyway and you can get stability to be good enough just by sacrificing damage mods on the rifle and using a damage talent instead in some cases. LVOA-C and M4 are the normal ones. I think the game shows the dmg based off of all your attributes. Where to find Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s, How to make and use a grindstone in Minecraft, How to unlock and catch all Ultra Beasts in Pokémon, Normals missions have a one percent chance, Hard missions have a three percent chance, Challenging missions have a five percent chance, Heroic missions have a seven percent chance. I haven't looked at mine to see if its a good roll but I hope it is. Not maxed out but every attribute was atleast 50% of max and most around 80%. There’s another monster of a weapon called Bullet King, which is an LMG. dark winter named smg review! When you do acquire it, it comes with special perk Bullet Hell, where it never needs to be reloaded, and every 100 bullets that hit enemies you replenish part of yours and your allies ammunition reserves. By doing Riker-based missions, you have a chance for the Bullet King to drop, but it’s relatively low. Glory Daze - Named P416 AR (it's a lazerbeam!) Open world. News & Articles Alex Coleman Kime Has Been Reading. Was in NY don't know if that matters. Wow, look at the damage on that thing! The Bullet King LMG is a monster of a weapon, if you can get it. After you reached level 40 and beat the game, you have access to a variety of new missions to keep playing The Division 2 over and over again in the new playground of lower Manhatten. I don't have the game runing now but I kind of remember that default stability of p416 was good enough to play with mouse, unless of course they changed it in TU8. I don't know. Because of the low chances, it may take you some time to loot this weapon reliably. In the end it all depends on your preferences and playstyle. One of the most valuable exotic weapons in the game, Eagle Bearer, is an AR which further emphasizes its importance. The same goes for The Division 2, and the latest expansion in Warlords of New York features many of these, and new ones, to the game, such as … Just reached WT5 what are some decent Decent LMGs and Assault Rifles? You can find the LVOA-C and M4 everywhere in the normal Lootpool. Close. Get lost in the pink mist. That's the exact problem I have with this as well. Any LMGs & Assault Rifle recommendations? The unofficial home for discussing Tom Clancy's The Division and The Division 2; online RPGs from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. If anything, the weakness of this weapon was lower accuracy and shorter range compared to M4 or MK16. This goes hand in hand with the Striker methodology of not missing a shot. I just picked up a Stone a LMG with +20 stability. favorite assault rifles? what do y'all like to use, and is there any consensus on which delivers the highest dps? You certainly want to take friends with you and plenty of quality gear available on you to fight back against your enemies. Pestilence worth looking for? The Bullet King is an illusive LMG that you can only get once you’ve reached the new level cap, which is level 40. The Bullforg has a heavy kick and the Urban is more like a DMR rifle than a true assault rifle. Of course, I would need to use it first and maybe change my mind. Probably takes about 2 clips+ to take down a "named elite" while it only takes 40 rounds or less on my CTAR version where max DPS is 1.6m+ for the 40 round mag. check out some of my recent uploads below! The Rikers is one of the returning factions from the first game that still has a powerful presence in New York. Question checking the various community spreadsheets, I see there are still some gaps (the mechanical animal and glory daze and sig 556, for instance). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Why does that happen and how can I make mine stronger? BEST PVE & PVP DAMAGE ASSAULT RIFLES! The Division 2: GLORY DAZE | NEW! It was evident that bullet spreading was more pronounced. -…, GLORY DAZE HIGH END REVIEW! -…, Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video, make sure you drop a like and subscribe to the channel! – Kime, Alexander Coleman. Random drop from a yellow or purple enemy. But with the RPM and reload speed I was about to get 2.1 million DPS with Dark Winter as opposed to 1.5 million DPS I could get with my 90k SMG. Would have made more sense to have this on an LMG. ... base damage. 35% optimal range for me is bad anyway. Just got this extracted seconds before the maintenance. This build was all red weapon dmg build with all attributes on dmg/crit chance/dmg. DARK WINTER NAMED SMG REVIEW! those values change depending on your weapon damage values on gear. The exotics in any loot-based game are always sought after by those who have reached the level cap and want to receive the best gear available in the game. Good luck locating it in the Warlords of New York expansion. Maybe I'm not imaginative enough to see where this AR fits. The true power of the weapon is how fast you can take an elite down in one clip. Build highlights include the Nemesis MMR and Glory Daze Assault Rifle, both of which are perfectly synergized with a Concussion-talented backpack and Chainkiller chestpiece. The Dark Winter only has like 65k base damage. High End Named Weapon Review (Warlords Of New York) Today i will be showing you a Weapon Review On The New High End Named Weapon Called Glory Daze its a Named AR that come with Rank 4 Of The new Season Pass. Not sure why they'd put this perk on an already highly stable AR, if it was on the Steyr that would be way nicer. Nice, I was hoping we'd get a named P416 at some point and considering how stable and accurate they usually are, can't wait to find one. Press J to jump to the feed. The Glory Daze and the Savage Wolverine with recalibrated rate of fire are fun. Where do y'all find such high damage ar's i can only find 60k max. 0. Your build must be getting pretty good? The same goes for The Division 2, and the latest expansion in Warlords of New York features many of these, and new ones, to the game, such as the Lady Death SMG. I got a question. Yea, at the firing range you can bring it out to 50 yards and almost max your stacks at 2 clips, laser beam! The Division 2: Warlords of New York has introduced a season pass into the game that acts like a standard battle pass, meaning free rewards.There is a free track of rewards and a “premium” paid track, and all owners of The Division 2: Warlords of New York have access to both once they complete the campaign and reach level 40. With this talent, reducing even more the range and boosting stability does not compensate its weaknesses, but makes it more a SMG-like weapon. Any LMGs & Assault Rifle recommendations? the division 2 – top 5 best assault rifles in tu8! best pve & pvp damage assault rifles! I have the same ar, attributes are +15% AR damage and +6.5 Health Damage and +8% Headshot Damage and mine does 76.6k but yours does 84k. Got one with 3 God rolls..., Unless you're bad at aiming, I'd use another gun tbh. The higher of difficulty you have attached to the mission, the harder you can expect the NPCs to hit. CHECK OUT SOME OF MY RECENT UPLOADS BELOW! 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