first baseman players
297 batting average, 379 home runs, 417 doubles and 2,357 hits. McCovey is considered by baseball pundits, players and coaches as one of the best left-handed power hitters of all-time. A first baseman, abbreviated 1B, is the player on a baseball or softball team who fields the area nearest first base, the first of four bases a baserunner must touch in succession to score a run. In 1933, Foxx won the Triple Crown with a .356 batting average, 48 home runs and 163 RBIs. The first baseman then relies upon the pitcher to cover first base to receive the ball to complete the out. Minnesota Twins (1997-2002), Boston Red Sox ('03-present), Honors -- Simon, Of the top six RBI seasons of all time, Lou Gehrig had three of them. 3 spot on the infield. Pujols put up monster numbers in a tougher era, was an outstanding defensive first baseman and, while not fast, was one of the smartest baserunners I've ever seen. There are scouting reports that tell pitchers to fear the Red Sox slugger. The primary goal of the first baseman in this instance is to ensure the runner doesn't advance and that the team records at least one out, especially in a close game. McGwire was an All-Star 12 times, won 1 Gold Glove, 3 Silver Slugger awards, and the 1987 Rookie of the Year award. -- Katie Strang, Tigers reporter, The modern game's answer to Jimmie Foxx: a child prodigy at the plate who won big early, gifted with remarkable plate coverage with power. While playing in the majors the left-handed Thome was a 5-time All-Star and won 1 Silver Slugger. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2014-2020 Fueled by Sports. -- Cockcroft, Teams A 3–6–1 double play is almost like a 3–6–3 or a 3–4–3 double play, but the first baseman is usually playing deep in the infield. -- Mark Simon, ESPN Stats & Info, Teams His best season following his rookie season was in 1963 with 44 home runs and 102 RBIs, and McCovey was able to reach the 500-home run mark. This technique also minimizes the amount of time required to make the putout. Gehrig held the record for the longest streak of consecutive games at 2,130 until Cal Ripken Jr. broke it in 1995. Four-time NL All-Star (2004-07), two NL Silver Sluggers ('05-06), four AL Silver Sluggers ('10, '12-13, '15), seven-time AL All-Star ('10-16), two-time AL MVP ('12-13), AL Triple Crown ('12), Career stats* The first baseman is responsible for the majority of plays made at that base. His final years with the Expos, Red Sox and Phillies saw the veteran slugger start sparingly and pinch-hit often. Helton’s awards while playing included 5 trips to the All-Star Game, 4 Silver Slugger awards and 3 Gold Glove awards. Konerko saw little success with the Dodgers and Reds, but came into his own with the White Sox in 1999. Hernandez was never elected to the Hall of Fame. When first base is not occupied by a baserunner, the first baseman usually stands behind first base and off the foul line. Chicago White Sox (1990-2005), Oakland A's ('06, '08), Toronto Blue Jays ('07-08), Honors If not for the injuries in his 30s, he could have been No. Consistency was why McGriff played as long as he did in the majors. NL Rookie of the Year (2001), six NL Silver Sluggers ('01, '03-04, '08-10), three-time NL MVP ('05, '08-09), two NL Gold Gloves ('06, '10), nine-time NL All-Star ('01, '03-10), AL All-Star ('15), Career stats* That's just for starters, and that's the rub: I suspect Greenberg (who's just 16th overall in offensive WAR among first basemen) drifts up this high because our panel overcorrected a bit on PED accusations, so a guy with an outstanding, abbreviated career like Greenberg's gets sucked into the vacuum. Mattingly was a star with the Yankees during the late 1980s, but the Bronx Bombers never reached the postseason. The Yankees won 4 World Series titles during 6 seasons. .325/.428/.609, OPS -- 1.038, Hits - 2,646, HRs -- 534, RBIs -- 1,922, Ready to rake before he turned 19, Foxx was the offensive star of the '29-31 A's team that blew by the Ruth/Gehrig Yankees for three straight pennants, and also the youngest, just 23 in '31. Donnie Baseball as he was known was one of baseball’s best first baseman during the 1980s. The slugger was named to 6 All-Star teams, the 1959 NL Rookie of the Year and the 1969 NL MVP. This week, we bring you the top 10 at each position. Since that time the first baseman has played in 4 All-Star Games, won the 2010 NL MVP and 1 Gold Glove award. Murray never hit more than 33 home runs nor knocked in over 124 runs in any one season, but was a consistent as any other player in MLB. The slugger was chosen to 8 All-Star teams and won 3 Gold Glove awards, 3 Silver Sluggers awards and was named the 1977 AL Rookie of the Year. Over that period, Garvey was an All-Star 10 times, while winning the 1974 NL MVP and 4 Gold Glove awards. -- Kahrl, Honors Does a .300/.431/.584 season sound like an all-time great to you? Thome was a first ballot inductee to the Hall of Fame in 2018. Ted Williams was the only other player to even have five.


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