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He didn’t know that workers had patched a leak until a Bridge reporter told him. A number of recent Canadian pipeline projects have taken even longer than that: sometimes due to delays, complexity and uncertainty in Canada’s regulatory approval process. The presumed tunnel option bypasses and prematurely dictates the future of Line 5 and sidelines the three-year process that the Governor set into motion with the creation of the Task Force and the Advisory Board under his executive order. On November 27, 2017, following the long Thanksgiving holiday, Governor Snyder. Rick Snyder announced an agreement, The leak, about 25 miles southeast of Gaylord, left an oil sheen atop groundwater surrounding the pipeline before it was. Line 5 has failed at least 33 times since 1968, spilling at least 1.13 million gallons of oil on land and in wetlands. But the mounting Line 5 concerns put state environmental and energy regulators in a tricky position. By Monday, ATC officials were blaming “extraordinary circumstances” like ice in the water and near the shore that hindered the emergency response. Links to videos, photos, websites, and other pop-up images will be highlighted. By Monday, ATC officials were blaming “extraordinary circumstances” like ice in the water and near the shore that hindered the emergency response. Building a tunnel under the Straits cannot be approved under Michigan’s governing law — the Great Lakes Submerged Lands Act — unless Enbridge can demonstrate that there is no likely harm to public waters with an oil spill and that there are no feasible and prudent alternatives. All rights reserved. Great Lakes, Bad Lines from Colin McCarthy on Vimeo. Major pipelines can typically take several years to build. Duffy, the Enbridge spokesman, declined to answer what that cost entailed, or how it calculated how much oil spilled. Environmentalists generally oppose the tunnel idea, saying it would essentially ensure the pipeline would operate in perpetuity. Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality email. When I read articles like this I often have an impulse to request clarification from the parties involved, since they are elected officials. The plan gives the state officials who are accountable, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Governor Rick Snyder, a detailed, realistic plan for protecting the Great Lakes from a catastrophic oil spill while assuring energy to meet Michigan’s needs. Urge Michigan’s Leaders to Shut Down the “Significantly Damaged” Line 5 Right Now. He is expected to announce next month whether Line 5 should be shut or partially replaced. That agreement required Enbridge to study alternatives to Line 5, with two independent experts paid for by taxpayers to ensure the veracity of the reports. July 11, 2018Jim Malewitz, Craig MaugerMichigan Environment Watch. U.P. Coronavirus Tracker | Case counts high as positive test rate exceeds 6 percent, Michigan hospitals turn to $15 minimum wage to fill job openings, Michigan 2020 Election Tracker | Kamala Harris in Michigan on Sunday; Trump in Lansing Tuesday. Enbridge pegged the cost of environmental remediation at $12,000 in Crawford County, according to federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration data. Line 5 is particularly notable for passing under the environmentally sensitive Straits of Mackinac, which connect Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. Yet Michigan would absorb the lion’s share of the economic disaster resulting from a spill. 6 in 10 Canadians say lack of new pipeline capacity a crisis, How safe are our pipelines? Again. Facts matter. Cary and Becky Nelles, who live south of Ashland near the proposed Enbridge Line 5 reroute, view a book that shows the proposed route for the line diversion around the Bad River Indian Reservation. FLOW's December 2015 expert report demonstrates that decommissioning the Line 5 oil pipeline would not disrupt Michigan's or the Midwest's crude oil and propane supply, as only 5-10% of the oil in Line 5 is used in Michigan. Content is edited by CAPP Communications; questions on editorial content may be referred to context@capp.ca. This film was created by four Michigan State University students (Olivia Dimmer, Daniel Stephens, Austin Torres, & Annette Kim) in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences, Department of Media & Information. These 67-year-old Line 5 runs at depths between 100 and 270 feet in the Straits of Mackinac, where it is stressed by strong currents and prone to anchor strikes. Enbridge has been using publicly-owned lakebed at the Straits as a conduit for its shipments of oil and gas underneath the Straits under a 65-year-old easement granted by the state on the condition that the company operates prudently. On April 3, Enbridge – owner and operator of Line 5 – temporarily shut down the flow of oil in the pipelines to evaluate leak detection systems. The infographic below shows a map and timeline for the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project. Later that morning, a DEQ geologist emailed an update after talking to Enbridge:  After spotting the leak following an integrity test, the company sandblasted off the pipeline’s outer coating, welded a sleeve over the leak and covered the pipe back up, the email reported. The maps are interactive, so click and zoom for more details. Enbridge estimates the odds of a “major loss” on a Line 5 segment at 1 in 100,000. The proposed tunnel would house the replacement segment for the Line 5 petroleum pipeline that sits on the bottom of the Straits. Some elements like shutting down Line 5 in adverse weather sound like strong protections on paper. But repeated disclosures of shoddy maintenance, structural flaws in the pipelines and concealment of critical information from state officials demonstrated Enbridge is not acting prudently. In this case, it would be great if you would embed a link to the governor's and the attorney general's office. with Enbridge to fast track a tunnel alternative under our Great Lakes. Enbridge reported less than a gallon of crude had leaked. If you care about Michigan, please support our work. He told Flint to ‘relax.’ Now, Michigan is paying him to lead media training. The leak, about 25 miles southeast of Gaylord, left an oil sheen atop groundwater surrounding the pipeline before it was quickly cleaned by Enbridge, a Canadian energy giant, according to Department of Environmental Quality emails. Map of Line 5 (Courtesy of Enbridge Energy). The pipeline had sprung a leak near a creek in a swampy patch of Crawford County, according to an email from the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Response Center, an emergency call center that fields initial reports for pollution and railroad incidents. Line 5 has never leaked in the Straits, but it has elsewhere. View the Enbridge Liquid Pipelines Map. Enbridge is allowed to operate the pipeline in the Straits because of a 1953 easement from the state, which gives Snyder leverage over its future. Buy a Shut Down Line 5 yard sign, hats, t-shirts, stickers, and more from the Oil & Water Don’t Mix campaign. This news came in the wake of Enbridge acting in bad faith and misleading both Michigan and federal officials on the condition of Line 5 for over three years.


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