destroyer prime terraria
Here’s how to avoid her first phase attacks: When she disappears, this is the start of the second phase. Place a teleporter at the both ends and connect the two with wire. Wings are also very good to have for this fight. He can flick snot at a target, which deals damage if it hits, but it can also make the terrain inflict the Oozed debuff (slows down the affected player significantly) on those who walk on it. I’d also put down as many campfires and heart containers as you can for health regeneration. You’ll definitely want as many buffs as possible to take this boss down quickly. After defeating Plantera, you should be able to unlock the Golem boss inside the “Lihzahrd Temple” in the Underground Jungle. Kill all the smaller Star Cells that appear when you defeat a Star Cell, otherwise they’ll grow to full size and will be much harder to deal with. Alien Queens can inflict the Distorted debuff if they hit you with their stingers. Just be sure to heal and get back onto The Black Spot quickly before the Moon Lord appears. Pull the lever to swap sides. Bring plenty of arrows to this fight. Everscream is very similar to Mourning Wood in that it only has one attack: firing pines that deal damage. Combine Ichor or Cursed Flame with bullets to make the best bullets for the Megashark. This is so you can get the Flying Dutchman to spawn who will give you The Black Spot. Build a massive sky bridge. She’ll be joined by Flocko, which are floating snowflakes that hurt on contact. This shield only disappears after defeating a set number of enemies that it spawns. Kill a lot of corrupt or crimson mobs and clone the souls. I highly recommend that you have at least 300 health and a full set of gold armour as a minimum requirement for this fight. Here are some notes about the Solar Pillar specifically. How do I make adamantite bars in Terraria? Break altars until you unlock either adamantite or titanium. How to kill Plantera This monstrous plant can be quite tricky without a purpose built arena and this arena will take some unique gadgets to create. Try defeating many angry nimbuses to get a nimbus rod, which will send rain down to damage the destroyer itself, leaving you to focus on dodging it. When we say plenty of arrows, we’re talking thousands if you can. The Destroyer is a worm-type Hardmode boss in Terraria. This should give you time to avoid projectile attacks of her own. The afterimage is not part of her hitbox here, so don’t worry if you think you’re going to touch it. This is a mount that flies through the air at a breakneck speed. This is one of two bosses that appears during the Pumpkin Moon event. Build a long platform of at least 750 blocks. If you can craft it, the Megashark is a decent option. This mini-boss also appears during the Old One’s Army event, but only after defeating one of the three mechanical bosses. If no line appears after killing an enemy, the pillar is able to be hurt. Alien Queens generate two Alien Larvae when killed. Just keep putting the blocks in, making sure you have room to fire through the gaps. When dealing with Retinazer, get as close to him as you can and hit him with a flail, like the Dao of Pow (the weapon mentioned earlier). Keep firing and you should beat it. Both eyes will chase after you, occasionally charging at you like the regular Eye of Cthulhu boss. Once when the Pumpking appears, go to your arena and keep attacking with ranged weapons while dodging the sickles and its other attacks. Use the area above the roof instead, putting long platforms. A horseshoe shape is ideal. How do I get all of the souls in Terraria? You should also create arenas specifically designed around a boss’s attack patterns, making it easy for you to dodge them. Yes, we know. Destroy larva encased within walls of bee hives found in the Underground Jungle or use an Abeemination in the Jungle biome. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. A mythril anvil can help you craft titanium swords and tridents and armor, as well as cobalt and mythril gear. He’s very slow, but the Ogre packs a big punch. There is a method of beating it that does take a lot of preparation, but if you have all the pieces you should wipe out this boss within a couple of minutes. The main enemies to watch out for is the Crawltipede. But you can easily exploit this fight with some key items. Jeepers Creepers Achievement Guide. For strategies on how find and defeat an event boss, click their name in the table below: Kill 150 slimes during a slime rain or use a slime crown. To experience this #content, you will need to enable targeting cookies. She can charge which can be avoided by jumping up or dropping down platforms as she charges. Have a 30 block gap between each platform. No matter how far you are, it won't despawn. If you don’t get the The Black Spot – the most desired item from this mini-boss – wait for another one to appear. You shouldn’t really need to build a dedicated arena for this boss, but a flat path between both portals and the Eternia Crystal can help out if you’re struggling. Once the Flying Dutchman appears, it will get stuck on the platforms, leaving it open for a rain of arrows from a Daedalus Stormbow. Instead, invest in some Shroomite armour and Vortex Beater with the Unreal modifier. To make the Megashark, combine a Minishark from the arms dealer, illegal gun parts from the arms dealer at night, 20 souls of might dropped by the Destroyer boss, and 5 shark fins from sharks in the ocean. Here are the ways to avoid the additional attacks: Make sure you kill this boss before sunrise, otherwise she will instantly kill you. Make sure you can jump up to each level. If he creates a sigil in the sky, take some time and only hit the cultist with narrow eyes and a yellow stripe on his hood. They are all initially guarded by a shield. It can be tricky to land a hit on her. Truffle Worms are found in a Glowing Mushroom biome. You’ll take some damage from the shards, but you can always drink a healing potion to heal if you need to. You will need at least 500 cannonballs. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This monstrous plant can be quite tricky without a purpose built arena and this arena will take some unique gadgets to create. This is another boss where having a purpose built arena increases your chances of winning exponentially. Go have a lie down, Internet. However you tackle this boss, just make sure you kill the boss before day breaks. It will teleport around when it is hit. Use the platforms to dodge the laser beams and you should win.


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