About MARS Co.

The Mars Company is active in providing medical equipment in various fields, including dermatology, radiology and ophthalmology services. By utilizing the experience and advices of the medical professionals in the mentioned fields, biomedical engineers and modern technological knowledge, it has been inventing the products, brought them to mass production and shipped them to the market. In addition to buying and selling products inside the country, exporting the products is also on the agenda and the necessary arrangements for exporting the products to European region countries are being held.
Also by assessing business needs in the areas of medical market, is communicating with well-known foreign companies in order to import the required products in Iran market, and thereby the company serves its duty toward the Iranian citizens.


  • Participation in providing the physicians, patients, hospitals and other departments involved with medical issues’ needs, by producing innovative products based on modern knowledge.
  • Participation in the development of the domestic manufacturers of medical equipment and technology to achieve the industry in a proper position in Iran and the region.
  • Achieve the highest value added in the develop chain of medical products based on innovations and inventions of internal experts.


  • Creating the position of premier manufacturer of medical products in Iran.
  • Creating competitive advantage in technology, commercial production and services in the field of medical equipment.


  • Producing medical products based on innovations and inventions in three areas.
  • Purchasing and importing required medical equipment from the foreign valid companies.
  • Exporting new made medical products to the region and European countries.


  1. Won the Elite and Inventors Award in 2013
  2. Patents
  3. Laser Research Center
  4. Medical approval

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